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Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Aplication : Update Winamp 5.621Full

Now available...

Winamp 5.62 has been released and is the latest version of the Winamp Media Player (for your desktop). This release includes a newly redesigned SHOUTcast online service, increased optimized AAC and HE-AAC audio playback powered by Fraunhofer, a Firefox 5 Winamp Toolbar release, and updated support for Winamp for Android 1.1.1.

SHOUTcast Online Service

The new SHOUTcast online service redesign makes searching for your favorite radio stations even simpler. Here are new ways to discover more radio stations:

* Tag Cloud - Select popular and trending genres and stations to find relevant stations.

* Featured and Top Stations - View a list of curated featured SHOUtcast stations from the Winamp team. Or select a Top Station based on trending stations Winamp listeners are tuning into.

* Search songs or stations - Use the new real-time search to find not only stations but songs that are currently playing.

* "Classic" view - for those that like their SHOUTcast old school, we still have a simple "classic" view. Discover a new SHOUTcast station today!

Next, we've optimized AAC and HE-AAC audio playback with the help of our friends at Fraunhofer. Listen to high quality audio in Winamp with the latest software. In an upcoming release of Winamp, we will be adding additional high quality audio playback.

Included in this release the Winamp Toolbar was updated for the new Firefox 5 browser. Bring the best of Winamp to you browser! With the Winamp toolbar, you can easily manage playback, listen to SHOUTcast, and share what you are listening to on Twitter, Facebook and AIM all on the Firefox 5. Download the last client to update your toolbar or just download the latest toolbar here.

Finally, Winamp 5.62 supports the latest Winamp for Android release. Use Winamp to wirelessly sync your music to your Android device.

Download Here


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